A huge thank you to all who attended the public meeting on the 10th of May.

The meeting was held in church to explore how we can maintain and develop the church, about a hundred people attended and there was a lot of positive feedback.

Father Alec was pleased to announce that the Diocese have confirmed that they have no intention of closing St Annes church, they have just announced that they are seeking to replace Fr. Alec upon his retirement in November. This is wonderful news indeed. The church still needs help and to develop and deepen its engagement within the community to ensure that it both remains relevent and to serve the community to which it is called.

Colin, a parish development officer from Manchester Diocese spent some time explaining how, with the right vision and participation, the church can develop its facilities to offer greater community benefit whilst maintaining it's core purpose of worship and prayer. He explained that funding is available but that this "follows people" not buildings and he encouraged us as a community to think about what our parish needs, and start to come up with some ideas about how we can take things forward.  

After the meeting there was a feeling of hope and of a bright future and good will from the community, we welcome further ideas and engagement as we all work together to serve each other.

Do please email your suggestions and any comments that you feel are helpful by clicking on the contact us link at the top of the website.

God bless.