Parochial Church Council

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All churches within the Church of England are governed by their own parochial church council (PCC); it is essentially the executive committee.

Legally the council is responsible for the financial affairs of the church parish and the maintenance of its assets and buildings, whilst also promoting the mission of the church.

St Anne's has a complete parochial church council as nominated and elected in accordance with the annual parochial council general meeting (APCM) in April 2019. 

Any persons over the age of 16 who are enrolled onto our electoral roll here at St Anne's are welcome to join our parochial church council. 

We are always looking for new people to expand our range of representation. If you would like to join our parochial church council or find out more information please contact us via our enquiry form on this link. 

Chair and Parish Priest

Rev. Fr Jules Mambu


Church Wardens and Assistant Church Warden

Rosemary Molloy, John Padgett and Nicholas Yates


Parish Secretary and Website Administrator

David Yates


Parish Treasurer

Tim Baines


Parish Safeguarding Officer:   Lorraine Arnold

Email: safeguarding[at] (replace 'at' with '@')


Parish Archivist and Historical Advisor

Jill Cronin


+ Including additionally elected parochial church council members with non-defined roles.